About Us

Our Story:

As may be the case for a lot of people, we discovered Matcha by chance.

A friend, who was working long hours and struggling with fatigue, was advised by a nutritionist to give Matcha a try.

He gave us with a sample. And so it began......

In our little cottage in Cork we started drinking Matcha every morning, just to try it out, and were really surprised and impressed with the impact it had on both of us. We're both big tea drinkers, but replaced our morning cuppa with Matcha to get our mornings kicked off, and we really felt the benefits - no more jitters, or mid morning slumps

When we did get a slight slump was when we went to restock our supplies – Matcha is not cheap. We thought about how we might create a more affordable route to market for people in Ireland. By creating an online store, cutting out the middleman and the expensive overheads, we bring to you an affordable option to purchase your Matcha, whilst guaranteeing premium quality Matcha and speedy delivery

Whether you are a Matcha addict, or you have heard about its benefits from friends and just want to try it out, why not pick up a pack today, either way, it won't break the bank. I can promise you, after 2 weeks of drinking Matcha, you will be coming back for more!



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