Whisk (Chasen) - 100 Prong - Purple Bamboo - Handmade

Matcha Ireland

Purple Bamboo Whisk - Matcha Ireland - Green Tea

Elevate your Matcha moments with our meticulously handcrafted Traditional Matcha Whisk, delicately fashioned from specially selected Purple Bamboo, preserving both authenticity and flavour.

Indulge in the art of Matcha blending with our unique 'Chasen' whisk, steeped in tradition and crafted with precision, traditionally employed by monks to ensure a seamless fusion of Matcha powder. The prong count on our whisk dictates the frothiness of your Matcha, guiding you on a delightful journey to a frothy, flavourful cup every time.

Embrace tradition and excellence with our expertly designed Traditional Matcha Whisk, each a testament to our dedication to delivering an authentic and delectable Matcha experience with every sip.

But our commitment extends beyond tradition; it encompasses sustainability. Crafted from renewable Purple Bamboo, our Matcha whisk champions environmental preservation one whisk at a time.

To enhance your Matcha moments, each Traditional Matcha Whisk now arrives with its eco-friendly cardboard storage tube, ensuring not only protection but also readiness for your next Matcha-making session.

And here's the cherry on top - enjoy complimentary shipping on all our items, including this exquisite Matcha whisk and its accompanying storage tube. No hidden fees, just the convenience of crafting your perfect cup of Matcha, assured that your whisk is stored and safeguarded with utmost care.

Experience Matcha preparation like never before – marrying tradition, quality, and convenience in every whisk stroke.



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