Whisk (Chasen) - 100 Prong - Traditional Bamboo - Handmade

Matcha Ireland

Matcha Ireland Whisk - 100 tine - Traditional Bamboo - Handmade

Traditional Matcha Whisk - Handmade from specially selected White Mountain Bamboo, keeping it natural and safe.

Being made from bamboo, also means that this Matcha whisk is made from renewable materials, so, essentially, we are helping to save the world, one whisk at a time.

This special whisk, called a 'chasen', was traditionally made by monks and designed specifically for mixing Matcha powder. The greater the number of prongs, the easier to make your Matcha nice and frothy.

So when it comes to choosing your Matcha whisk, always remember - The more the merrier!

As with all our items, this Matcha whisk also gets shipped to you for FREE!!

(Well lets be honest here, shipping is included in the price - but this makes it straight forward for you, with no hidden costs)




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